We spent the week before we were chased by a moose stocking up on bear bells and spray. We researched how to tell different kinds of bears apart, and what response each type warranted. We checked trail updates every morning for known bear activity. 

My family stumbled into hiking through national parks. As we grew up, we amassed a litany of slapstick-esque comedic camping stories. These included, but were not limited to: the time our tent was flooded when we set it up in a ditch; the time we made burgers for the drunk couple next door and then drove to a hotel when our tent was flooded; the time we took shelter in the house of a couple who sustained themselves solely on deer skin because our kayak flooded; and the time we spent the night in the car parceling out a single dry outfit between the five of us because—you guessed it—our tent was flooded. The one and only time we tried to overcome the curse, we rented a pop-up camper, which promptly broke down and had to be towed away. 

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